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Trekking poles

tiripou in b_eretz

אקליפטוס המקור

When I was reading Old New Land a few weeks ago, I was struck by many things. It would be interesting to compare his plans for developing the state with what really occurred.

However, my question is personal. Herzl thought that the swamps could be drained by planting eucalytpus trees and I did find one article on the internet indicating that eucalyptus trees were planted to do just that. While they are beautiful trees with a wonderful fragrance, I am extremely allergic to them for a good part of the year.

How common are eucalyptus trees throughout Israel?

Presumably, there are no forests in Jerusalem, but I'll have to ask the apartment-hunting-service to take a good look at any trees in the neighborhood.

Thanks again!

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Here is a link to a site called Flowers in Israel

EDIT: what are the vowels in the Hebrew term for eucalyptus trees?


Actually, there are forests around and inside Jerusalem - but most of them are pine, oak and pistacia.

However, Eucalyptus trees are very common in Israel, inside and outside of cities. They didn't drain the swamps, but they did become part of the Israeli flora.

I don't know what kind of image of Jerusalem you have... the city is full of trees. Take a look at this site and tour some of the neighborhoods.
Oh, and it's אֵיקָלִיפְּטוּס.
Well that's a couple pieces of good news! I'll be safe from allergies and also be living in a place with lots of trees rather than high rises and freeways. Thank you for the link.

I'm very grateful for your willingness to answer all my questions.
You are seriously doing your research before going! I would never think of these questions.

By the way, I think you may have asked me once about my interest in going to Israel. I have been really busy writing my undergraduate thesis (hence me being flaky and trying not to go on livejournal as much). After I graduate I'm probably going to teach English somewhere, maybe China, and then I want to go back to Israel for around a year. I only went there on birthright. I would want to live on a kibbutz or do some sort of program like Pardes maybe. I'm not sure. I just loved it and have to go back.
Well, I'm trying, but I always feel as if I'm forgetting to post the really important questions.

I never went on birthright. This will be my first time in Israel!

Good luck with your degree. I hope you find a great teaching job that you love.