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החיים בארץ
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This community is intended to assist those who are planning to live in Israel, or who are new to Israel, and have questions about daily living. This is a place for anyone who wants to talk in a civilized manner and have fun.

Membership is moderated, but all members can post and comment. Please feel free to introduce yourself and tell us what prompted you to join the community.

Any question about how to get by in Israel is acceptable. Here are just a few possibilities:

** What's the Israeli equivalent of Windex?
** Has anyone hiked the Israel National Trail?
** I still can't read without vowels-- what was that headline in all the papers today?
** What's your favorite party spot in Tel Aviv?

For now, questions about the Israeli political system (e.g., "What is the difference between Shas and Maki?") will be permitted unless we find that they cause too much tension within the community. Please try to use good judgment and tact whenever you post. (If you are specifically interested in Israeli politics, you might want to visit israelipolitics.)

Please also feel free to post general information that you think will help others, or anecdotes about your early days in Israel.


If someone takes the time to answer your question, say thank you.

Do I really have to say this?
Be polite.

Trolling, spamming, flaming, anti-Semitism, anti-Judaism, or proselytizing
will result in the offender being banned.


If you find a problem with any of the links,
please inform the moderator.

What currency is used in Israel?
The Israeli New Shekel (NIS, IL, ISR, or ₪), which is divided into 100 new agorot. You can find the current exchange rate here. There is also a tag for questions about banking.

Where can I learn more about Jerusalem?
The official website for the city of Jerusalem is here.

Where can I go hiking near Jerusalem?
Click here.


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